SLPAC has a Recreation Director, Colin Schmitt introduces Transfer Tax to Assembly

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Preserving our Rural Character and Stopping Voter Apathy 


* Ward System Overwhelmingly Voted Yes by Residents,  Chester will now have a Ward System

* Chester now owns the Performing Arts Center , after Residents Vote Yes ! Preserved 8.8 Acres of Land

* The Library has split off and created their own Tax Line after the Residents Vote Yes

*Village of Chester Comprehensive Plan and Scheduled work - - Concern over Smart meters a growing concern amongst Residents

Greens of Chester Required to Redo Water Tests -

Letter to the Editor by Preservation Collective President regarding Greens of Chester -

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Preserve Chester is a Bipartisan Group brought together to continue to build relationships with our local elected officials now and in the future, and for the betterment of our Community. To Ensure equal representation in the future and the Preservation of our Rural Character.

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