Chester Preservation Fund

Preserving Open Spaces

This chapter is adopted for the purpose of protecting and preserving open and undeveloped lands in the Town of Chester, including wetlands, woodlands, agricultural lands, and the other natural resources of the Town; for the purpose of protecting historic places and properties within the Town; and for the purpose of providing the Town's visitors and residents with outdoor recreational opportunities, all in accordance with the provisions of the New York Town Law. 


Preservation Fund News

*  Breaking News : Colin Schmitt has reintroduced the Transfer Tax to the Assembly 4/19

 Transfer Tax on Hold ! Passed through Assembly by James Skoufis  but Senator Larkin's Office Failed us. 

*  The Town of Chester's residents Voted  yes to preserving 8 acres of Land, that comes with a Theater.

* The Chester Preservation Fund will be used for outright purchases of properties or purchases of the development rights which is also called the PDR.

PDR in a Nutshell :

Farmer John needs Money to update his Farm with the latest Technology and fix equipment. The cost to maintain and run a Farm is not cheap.

The Town would give Farmer John (X) amount of Money to help support the Farm.

In return the Farmer signs over his Development Rights. Thus preserving the property and ensuring Developers cannot come in and swiftly buy the Property and Develop it.

This will be costly and who will pay for it ? Will it fall on the taxpayers? The answer to that question is no. This is where the transfer tax comes into play.

The Transfer Tax has already made it through the Assembly Thanks to James Skoufis , Since it didnt make it through Senate in time it will have to go back through Assembly and Senate again.  Luckily our new Senator is now James Skoufis and our New Assemblyman Colin Schmitt has been supportive. We now need to wait for January to try and get the Tax through the Senate and Assembly.

The Transfer Tax- Which Warwick already has. Is a 0.75% tax on every real estate purchase in the Town of Chester. This tax will be imposed on the Buyer not the Seller. The money gained from this Tax will be used to pay back any bonds the Town takes out for Preservation.

The Chester Preservation Fund will be self sustaining.

Please see below a link to Warwick PDR Information below.

Warwick PDR Info , Preservation Fund