Residents Spoke , Chester has a Ward System !

Ward System For Chester

What is a Ward System ?

A Ward System would divide the Town of Chester into 4 Voting Districts/Wards. Each Ward would elect their own Councilman for the Town Board. This Person must Live within that Ward. This would ensure every Area within the Town has Representation by someone who lives in their area.   

The Town Supervisor would still be elected at Large.

Why does Chester need a Ward System?

As the Town of Chester continues to grow and new Developments are built a Ward System would ensure every area of the Town maintains their Voice.  It would ensure all areas of the Town have Equal Representation.

As Large Developments are built,  A Ward System would ensure a Special Interest Group cannot take our Town Board in a clean sweep.  It would take one Election cycle for the entire Chester Town Board to be completely turned over if a Large Community Voted together to elect our Town Board.

How do we establish one ?

It needs to be Voted  in by the Residents.

A Petition can be Created and there can be a Special Election.


The Town Board can add it to the Ballot in November.

When do we Vote on it ?

The Town Board has decided to add it onto the November Ballot.

November 6th , 2018

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